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Ask Rohan #5 Gaming Laptop & PC + Android Smartphone!


It's the fifth episode of Ask Rohan. Ask Rohan is an online series where I answer your technology related questions and also let you know more about me. As usual, in this episode I am going answer 3 questions asked on my Facebook Page. This time we have some interesting questions. 

Ask Rohan - A forum to ask tech related questions!

Lets answer!

Nishanth Raj Asks

Question: Hey Rohan, nice to see you replying for almost every posts you get, great job man!

Mine is a old assembled computer with average specs & i'm looking to upgrade it to a better gaming and faster PC

Current Specs :

-AMD Athlon 64 x2 1.9ghz
-MSI motherboard k9mm-v
-2 * 1 GB DDR2 ram 800Mhz 
-LG DVD writer
-250GB hard disk seagate

I don't have any GPU. Should I upgrade my specs or can a good GPU be added to the current specs to play games like gta 4. Please suggest me with this. If I need to upgrade, provide me with the configuration of a PC under 25k .

Thanks in advance :)

Rohan Answers: First of all, thank you for appreciating the effort I put on to provide support to you all. I don't ask for anything except for a "like" on my Facebook Page. This helps us grow and reach & help more number of people. Now, lets get back to your questions Nishanth.

Looking at your current specifications of your system, It is absolutely necessary for you to upgrade your entire system to play modern games like GTA IV e.t.c. The reason for that is, your motherboard is outdated and wouldn't support any of the new components.

I would request you to increase your budget upto Rs 30,000 and go for a system build which I did earlier. Here is it: Best Gaming PC Under Rs 30,000

Sapphire AMD/ATI HD 7770 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card

If you cannot increase your budget, you can go for the Sapphire AMD Radeon™ HD 6670 1 GB GDDR5 graphics card instead of the Sapphire AMD/ATI HD 7770.

However, you will get best gaming performance if you follow the Rs 30,000 build. Increasing your budget is highly recommended. All the best! 

Akash Kumar Asks

I want to buy a laptop for around Rs 30,000. I will use it for mild gaming and browsing the internet. 

Rohan Answers: Hey Akash! I have to say it's a great question. This question is very common and will likely help all the people who are seeking to buy a laptop at this budget.

As you don't have an exact definite budget. I have three considerations for you. 

1-Samsung NP370R5E-S06IN
2-Samsung NP300E5X-S03IN
3-Dell Vostro 2520

If you can stretch your budget upto Rs 35,000 then Samsung NP370R5E-S06IN is the way to go. It has AMD Radeon HD 8750M which is a fair enough Graphics Card and can handle games like Battlefield 3, Far Cry in medium high settings.

Samsung NP370R5E-S06IN

If your budget is between Rs 35,000 - Rs 30,000, then you should go for Samsung NP300E5X-S03IN. It has NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M which is a good Graphics Card and can handle the same games in medium settings.

If your budget is restricted to Rs 30,000, then you can go for Dell Vostro 2520. It has no dedicated graphics card but a integrated Intel HD 4000. You can play some casual games in it.

All the best!

Gokul K Vinod Asks

Question: Suggest me some branded Android Phones below Rs 6,500.

Rohan Answers: Welcome back Gokul, your question has been featured in Ask Rohan for the second time! Awesome.

Coming to your question, I have 3 suggestions for you - 

1-Sony Xperia Tipo
2-XOLO A500S
3-LG Optimus L3 II E425

If I was in a restricted budget and had to buy a smartphone anyway, I would go for Xolo A500S because it has been recently launched and has better specs than its counterparts, at the end its you who has to decide whether you want to go for brand over specs or specs over brand!


Personally I would like to advise you to stay away from buying Android smartphones at low budgets. The specifications you get at this range is not enough for a Android smartphone to function properly. Minimum budget for an Android smartphone shouldn't be less than Rs 10,000. 

If you can do that I would suggest you to get XOLO Q800S.

All the best! 

Pack Up!

So this is all what I have for this post. As I said at the beginning, if you have some questions and want it to be answered in the upcoming episodes of Ask Rohan, you can visit my Facebook Page and message/post me the question. (Be sure to hit the like button when visiting the Page, it really helps). 

Alternatively, questions can also be posted in the comments sections below. Share this post with your friends & family on Facebook or Twitter and let them know about this opportunity to get their tech questions answered in this forum. 

Keep Smiling :) - Rohan Shankar 


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