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Nokia and Android: All You Need To Know! + Bonus Facts!

Nokia is stereotyped as the "Chuck Norris" or "Rajnikanth" of the Mobile Industry! This is the reason why we people love and are very much emotionally attached to it. But why doesn't Nokia make Android Smartphones?? Before discussing that, let's us look at some interesting facts about Nokia.

Nokia Facts!

-Nokia was originally a riverside paper-mill in south-western Finland founded by Fredrik Idestam in 1865.

-The name Nokia was inspired by a river named Nokianvirta.

-The famous Nokia ringtone is actually a famous work called "Gran Vals" by a Spanish musician named Francisco Tárrega. Good work!

-In 2005, Nokia become the world's most sold Digital Camera brand! 

-The first phone launched by Nokia was the "Mobira Senator".
Mobira Senator
These were some facts about Nokia. Now let's get back to our original topic - Why doesn't Nokia make Android Smartphones?

Nokia! - Y U No Make Android Smartphones?

The second most asked question after "when will we encounter aliens?" is "why doesn't Nokia make Android smartphones". While Nokia + Android will be an awesome combination, the mobile industry doesn't work that way. Here are some points which will give you some hint why Nokia is trying to stay away from Android.

-Android is Everywhere: Everyday or the other, a new Android Smartphone is released by both local & International brands. Talking about brands, currently Samsung holds the topmost position in the Android Smartphone sector. Samsung is an established brand in the Android world and thus Nokia competing with Samsung in the same OS platform would have been a complete disaster for Nokia. It could have been in the same position as Sony is in today.

Nokia 1020 - Windows 8 Smartphone

The reason why Nokia chose Windows is just because it has virtually no competitors. So is Nokia scared? No! They are Smart!

-Maps: Nokia acquired the digital map supplier Navteq for a whopping $8.1 billion in 2007. If Nokia were to become Android OEM's, they would have to sacrifice one of the key features of the Nokia Brand i.e. Nokia Maps & Navigations and provide their customers with Google Maps instead. (Open Handset Alliance)

Nokia Maps

Nokia maps are very much appreciated by people and sometimes are the selling factors for Nokia. Deal with Microsoft allows Nokia to use both Nokia & Bing maps, thus benefiting both the parties.

-Microsoft Helps: Nokia isn't financially sound as other companies and right now Microsoft is financially helping Nokia during this transition period. It is said that Microsoft is paying Nokia more than a billion dollars as support and help them adopt Windows.

Microsoft Logo

-Motorola: The acquisition of Motorola made by Google could also have the worrying factor for Nokia considering the uncertainty of future plans of Google regarding Android & Motorola.

How will a Nokia + Android Look?

It will pretty much look like this. 

Nokia and Android
Source: Technobuffalo
Nokia is not doing financially well and any experiments at this stage with Android is simply out of the question. If you want to see a Nokia and Android together, you will have to help Nokia in selling Lumia phones as much as possible so that they can make large profits. This will take Nokia to a position where they might want to experiment with Android.

Remember?, a few months back the Moto X was just a rumour & a phantom concept but now it has become a reality - A customizable smartphone. 

We really can't say what is going to happen the next day in this Technology world. But what we can say is - Nokia is an awesome brand, a brand that makes one of the best hardware for mobile phones, a brand which people trust. The day when Nokia announces a Android Phone will be the best day for any Nokia fan.

So -How badly do you want to use Nokia Android Smartphone? What should it be called? Please tell me all of that in the comments sections below. If you have any other thing to say, do that too! 

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