Sunday, 14 July 2013

Build a Crazy-Insane Super-Computer for Gaming-Editing-Everything!

Want to own one of the best possible PC's on Earth? The following build will help you to do so. I would like to let you that this will be a really powerful beast and will run any game at the highest setting possible. You will also be able to do video, photo editing or just about anything with ease. This will become one of the things in your house that make your friends or family go "WOW" !! If you love computers and have some money laying around, I would suggest you to invest your money here and own the one of best computers in Planet!

So enough of talking and let's jump straight forward to the components that will be used in this build. Let's go craaaazy!!

You can view and buy all components from Amazon from here  Buy the Best Gaming/Editing Components for your Super Computer! from Amazon.


-Intel 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 4770 K i7 4th Generation

The latest from Intel - 4th Generation (Haswell) Intel i7 processor is the best you can get at this moment for a home-based PC.

Intel 3.5 GHz LGA 1150 4770 K i7 4th Generation


-Asus Sabertooth Z87

It looks like some sort of a tank or something but is also certified by ASUS to be of Military Standard!

Asus Sabertooth Z87

Graphics Card

-XFX RADEON R9 290X 1000MHz 4GB DDR5

Few of the best Graphics Cards on Earth that you can buy at the moment. 


-G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 32 GB PC RAM

You cannot ask for more! 32 GB of RAM will make sure every hardcore softwares and games run with ease.
G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3 32 GB PC RAM


1- Samsung 840 Pro Series 512 GB SSD

SSD will ensure your system works fast like a Bugatti Veyron and 512 GB of space will be more than enough to store your softwares.

Samsung 840 Pro Series 512 GB SSD

2- WD Caviar Green 3 TB Desktop

I don't think you will ever run out of space with a 3 TB HDD!! Store as many photos, music, movies as you like.
WD Caviar Green 3 TB Desktop

Cooling System

-Corsair H100i Cooler

With great power comes great cooling needs. With all of those powerful beast hanging around, Corsair H100i will help them to cool off and run efficiently.

Corsair H100i Cooler


-Seasonic X Series - 80 Plus Gold SS-1250XM

With PSU of 1250 watts, your components will never have any kind of power shortage. This PSU will also make your system future proof for any future upgrades.

Seasonic X Series - 80 Plus Gold SS-1250XM


-Cooler Master Cosmos II

Made from Aluminium, this case is ought to be one of the best cases you can buy for your computer.  I find this case extremely sexy and a awesome piece of engineering.  

Cooler Master Cosmos II


-Logitech G19

Well you can go for other keyboards out there in the market but I love this one.

Logitech G19


-Mad Catz R.A.T. 9

Same as the keyboard, you can go for others but I love these. It's one of the things that's definitely eye-catching.

Mad Catz R.A.T. 9

So here you have it, one of the best PC builds possible today in Planet Earth. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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