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Best Books To Learn Android Application Development

Android is a linux based operating system and was built by Android Inc. which was later bought by Google in 2005. The best thing about Android is that it's open-source which means you can easily modify it the way you like without worrying about Google suing you.

Learning Android Application Development is a very exciting and interesting journey. I would recommend everyone who uses computer to learn android because of two reasons. First one being that you can design your own apps and use it in your smartphone or tablet. Second, if your app is unique and interesting, you can put that in Google Play store and earn lots of money

Here is a interesting fact for you : Angry Birds is now a brand worth $5.5 billion and the creators of Temple Run are earning in millions. If they can do it, why can't you? 

Here are the list of some of the best books which you can use to learn about Android and develop apps. Lets begin!

Android : A Programmer's Guide 1st Edition

This is the best book for a person who is beginning from scratch. I would highly suggest you to buy this book along with the books listed below. This book has content written in a fashion that everyone can understand. You will start from learning how to install Java, Eclipse and setting up the Android Environment and then you will proceed gradually.This book is a must for any newbie.

Beginning Android 4 Application Development

This is a great book for somebody who is just about to begin learning about Android. If you are just starting with Android and want to learn some basic things, go for this book.

Professional Android 4 Application Development

If you want to learn most of the things related to Android, I would suggest you to go for this book.A great book which covers almost all the aspects of Android Application Development. This covers utilizing various hardware components like camera, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi etc in your apps.

Learning Android Game Programming : A Hands-On Guide to Building Your First Android Game 1st Edition

This book assumes that you already know something about Android Development. This book is an absolute gem for people who are on a low budget but want to create games for Android. You will learn about topics like Animations, Sounds, Physics, Artificial Intelligence which are the key components of a game. If you are aware of Android Development and now want to create some games, go for this.

So these were some of the books which you could use to learn Android Development. You can buy one book or you can buy all the books, both of the decisions will not go in vain. The books have been listed in a order from absolute beginner to advanced. So one day or the other you are going to need all the books.

If you want to suggest another book which is not present in the list, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. If it is good enough, we will credit you and update the list.

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I wish you all the best in your Android Adventure and hope that you will soon build an app and contact me to review it! 


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