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Absolute Youtuber : Technologycrazy - Justin Kropp

Hey guys! What's happening? Well I have something interesting for you. I am starting a new series called Absolute Youtuber where I interview my and your favourite Youtubers and put them here in this blog. So if you would like your favorite youtuber to be interviewed, you can leave a post in my Facebook Page. If you have a channel and want to get featured and interviewed you can do that too.

This time we have Justin Kropp. He runs a YouTube channel named Technologycrazy. He is young, talented guy who makes some great video content. If you haven't subscribed to him yet, do it! Lets have a look at Technologycrazy's facts and figures.
Justin Kropp - Technologycrazy
Channel Name: Technologycrazy
Genre: Technology
Join Date: October 16 2009
Subscribers: 11,000+
Total Video Views: 3,500,000+
Most Popular Video : Get your ipod/iphone out of recovery mode EASY - 644,651 + views

He recently did a couple of videos on "How to Hackintosh". So if you are interested in building your own Hackintosh, you can checkout his guide here.

Okay! Here is the interview that I did with Justin. 

Hey! Welcome to Absolute Blogger. Tell us something about yourself
-Hey my name is Justin Kropp. I love technology.

How did the idea of making YouTube videos come up?
-One day in 2009 I was watching a youtube video as I thought to myself "woah these people are getting +100,000's views for very simple video's". I instantly wanted to be part of it! On Oct 16, 2009 Technologycrazy was made. To my surprise people started watching me. Since then I have been creating video's to help teach tech to the world!

How do you get ideas for the topic of your videos?
-Simple. I make video's that I would like to watch.  I just think to myself "what would I watch' and then make a video about it.

How did you feel when you became a YouTube partner?
-Amazing.  It had been one of my goals for a long time.

Name some of your favorite YouTubers or Channels
  • jon4lakers
  • RWJ
  • ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy
  • Tobuscus
  • Vsauce
  • and Technologycrazy
Name your favorite movie.
-Favorite movie would have to be avatar or avengers.

What smartphone are you currently using?
-iPhone 5 all the way!

What are the devices that you use to make your videos?
  • Canon t3i
  • My hackintosh computer
  • Blue spark mic
  • Xenyx1202 soundboard
Do you have any special future plans for your YouTube Channel?
-Yes.I am currently working on a video call "Technologycrazy the Music Video" where I take today's top music songs, change the words and mix them into one song about me.

What is your aim in life?
-To be awesome!

Some words for your subscribers and your audience.
-Never give up on your dreams and that's it from Technologycrazy - goodbye 

Did you enjoy the interview? Do you have any question for Justin? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section below. 

Whom do you want to see in the next interview? Leave the channel's name and link as a wall post on my Facebook Page.


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