Thursday, 28 March 2013

Enjoy Online Now - EON #1 - Am I Awesome?

Hello friends! I am starting a new series named EON (Enjoy Online Now) where I will be posting links to some of the interesting stuff on internet for you to discover. I will try to post once or twice a week, it all depends on the response you give me. So if you like the series and want more of it, share this post with your friends and families on Facebook, Twitter or any other platform you like. You can also contribute and share any interesting thing you find online by messaging on my Facebook Page
EON (Enjoy Online Now)
So get ready to begin the journey and Enjoy Online Now!

Multitasking Game!

So you thought you could multitask? Try this game where you have do different things using different keys of your keyboard at the same time. 

EON (Enjoy Online Now)
Image Courtesy : Clarity Innovation
Visit here.

Bang Your Head!

Tired by multitasking? Why not bang your head! You stand near a wall and start bang your head. The more you bang your head, the more weird the game becomes.

Visit here.

Am I Awesome?

Impressed by your skills? So you must be thinking you are awesome? Still having doubt? Try the Am I Awesome website. It will let you know whether you are awesome or not.

Visit here.

Scale of Universe

There are more awesome things out there in the universe. To check that out head over to Scale of Universe where you can get an idea about the scale of different things in our universe and how spectacular and awesome everything is.

EON (Enjoy Online Now)
Visit here.

Your Age in Other Planets

Do you think you are getting older or you are very young? Try finding your age in terms of other planets years and days. In this you can find your age in Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

EON (Enjoy Online Now)
Image Courtesy : Esri

Visit here.

Disobey and Play!

Do you hate rules and like to disobey them? If yes, then this game might work for you. In this game you have disobey whatever the narrator says and play the game.

Visit here.


Love aquatic animals? Love music too? Try SeaQuence where you create music by creating little sea creatures. The music is created based on their shapes and size.

Visit here.

Company of Myself

Do you love yourself? Then play this game where you play as yourself with the help of your ghost assisting you as you progress through the levels.

Visit here.

Play as I

In this you play as I. I mean the actual letter I! You have to change the shape of "I" and navigate through the levels.

EON (Enjoy Online Now)
Visit here.

So this was the first list of EON #1 and if you liked it please share it on favorite social networking sites. This will encourage me to make a lot of EON series.I have placed a few buttons below to help you out. As I stated in the beginning of the post, if you want to submit any website feel free to message me on my Facebook Page, alternatively leave a comment below! You can subscribe to my Facebook Page to be informed about new EON's.

Which of the above was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 


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