Friday, 8 February 2013

mYwindow A New Social Network World


A Company founded in India by two Young entrepreneur i.e mYwindow tends to challenge Google ,Facebook , twitter , LinkedIn or any other popular Social Networking Sites in offering best user experience which looks to be unmatched by any networking site till yet.

According to the Co-founder "the core of mYwindow is deeply integrated with the things which define us i.e our Talent , Skills , creation & inspiration" mYwindow allows user to create insanely great & revolutionary profile like they have never created before , it makes your resume look magical and interesting and its much important in today's world because people characterize others by what they do on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social networking sites" not only this even the Companies are digging in to others profile , reputation before recruiting which simply does not portray our real identity.

The Profile would also be integrated with a tab "mY inspiration" & "mY wishes" which will help you in motivate towards your passion because every person has the ability to put dent in the universe , That's not all mYwindow also allow users to do business by giving them eye catching platform to sell their beautiful creation with less than a minute.

So in a long run it looks like mYwindow will help people regaining their true identity on internet by providing them a platform where they can actually create a Professional & Fun looking profile and sell their awesome creations within minutes.


mYfamily provides a platform to have a real-time chat with your family members , Video call with more than 10 members of your family at once , you can manage and store files, important contacts, send and accepting gifts and invitations to extended family friends & that's not all, All tasks events , immediate messages , offline chat are accessible with SMS or Web among every member within seconds.

mYwindow at this moment got well over 4000 invites and are targeting for 10,000 invites before launch of public beta.

Any User any where from the globe can request their invite at


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