Saturday, 12 January 2013

Top 10 Funny YouTube Channels to Subscribe 2013

Life is all about finding reasons to smile and be happy. For that purpose in this post I will list the top YouTube Channels which for sure will bring happiness and smile in your face. Please note that the order of the Channels is not related to how good they are. All the Channels are equally good and humorous.

Ownage Pranks

This guy is amazing! He does all sorts of different accents and voices and prank calls people. There are some  insane characters like BukLau, Billy, Abdo, Rakesh and Tyrone. If you want some insane laughing and giggling be sure to check out him.


He does some awesome public pranks. The one that's unique to him is "Just look at it", "Ugly Face Prank", "Psh", and "Hacker". He also does pranks by portraying some characters and pranking people in public. He has created characters like "Skippy", "Teste" and more. There are lots of pranks, so check him out.

Jack Vale Films

The creator of the pooter. This guy does some embarrassing pranks in public. He started the pooter prank which got viral and soon was tried by most of the YouTuber. Pooter is a device that makes farting sound when you press it.

Vitalyzd Tv

He came to limelight when he did a dangerous prank called the Zombie Prank. Basically he dressed up like a Zombie and started scaring people. The scary part was when one of the person getting pranked had a gun and started chasing him. Some how he managed to escape. Another video of him which got viral was the End of the World Prank. I will not say much but will ask you to check him out!

Magic of Rahat

This guy uses magic tricks in public and pranks people. Recently he did the Invisible Driver Prank which got viral in the Internet. It become so viral that he got 100,000 + subscribers in a single day!

Roman Atwood

He also does some awesome pranks and the best part about him is that he pranks cops! Several cops have been fooled by his prank.


He is also a prankster who does some awkward prank like staring at people and arguing with people. He is funny and hilarious.

Jon La Joie

This is not a prank channel but he makes some awesome content which will blow your mind . If you don't like 18 + words , don't check him out.

Trouble Seeker Team 

This is the first Indian Prankster Team and they are slowly catching up in the pranks segment. They also have some hilarious videos, so you should check them out.

The Viral Fever Videos ( Hindi )

This is a channel for Indians or people who understand Hindi  This channel features all sorts of parodies and other funny short films. Be sure to check them out.

So these were my favorites, if you have some favorite channels do let me know in the comments section. 


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