Wednesday, 30 January 2013

How can you use Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search is a new initiative from Facebook that lets you search for people with common interest, find restaurants and search photos. Its not a replacement for Google or any search engine. Its just a search facility that helps you search for desired things on Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search

Currently Facebook Graph Search is in beta mode and only few people have access to it. It is because its in testing stage and the final version has not been launch. We are among the group of people who have got access to the Graph Search and in this article I will let you know how to use Facebook Graph Search.

If you haven't applied for Graph Search, you can do it here.

Once you get accepted, you will notice a box saying "Turn on Graph Search". You can see the preview below.

Facebook Graph Search

Once you click on the "Turn on Graph Search", there will be a automated preview of the features of the Graph Search. You will notice that the normal search bar is gone and its replaced by another search bar.

Facebook Graph Search

When you click the search bar you get a option like this.

Facebook Graph Search

You can search for phrases like "My friends who like Facebook" or "My friends who like Google". We did a search for the phrase " People who like Absolute Blogger" and the preview of the same is given below.

Facebook Graph Search

This is a good addition to Facebook. It will help people to find fellow beings with common interest. It is still in beta mode so you might have to wait to get you hands on it.

Have you got the Facebook Graph Search? Do let me know in the comments below. Also do share this article with your friends and families and let them know about this new Facebook Feature.


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