Friday, 11 January 2013

Get More Likes and Make Your Facebook Page Go Viral


In this post, I will be discussing some ways by which you can make a Facebook Page go viral. Generally, we see that the pages which have great content to offer has the maximum amount of fans. It may be a fun page or a page of serious issue. These days, you must be enjoying the Troll Pages across your news feed on Facebook. Have you noticed why this pages became popular? This is because they were unique and had a lot of content which made the users happy and pleased them. That's how they got the likes. So, the first thing is Content. It may be of any kind, but you definitely need Quality Content in your page.

Now what is a Quality Content in a Facebook page? You must put content, which the users would like to "like" and share. It should be exiting and engaging. Don't just copy-paste articles or photos in your Page. Learn from your Insights what your audience is more interested at and try to share only that type of Content. When you are trying to promote your blog-posts in your Fan-Page don't overdo that because, all of the general users aren't bloggers and are more interested in General topics than topics like " How to SEO Blog-posts". You can ask questions to your fans. You can even hold a small contest in your Page where the name of the winner will be published in the page. This might drag some social attention to your Page and might give you some likes and fans.

To make your page even go viral, you can even share your page in your website or blog. You can create pop-ups asking the visitor to like the page to see your content, like the one SML has. Offline promotions can also be a big hit. You can print your page name in your ID card, Business Cards . You can try to tell about your Page to your friends and try to create a curiosity about it . If you have good content, they might end up sharing about your page to others and hence you increase your Fan Page. You can do a small giveaway via plugins like PunchTab which allows you to set liking a particular page as a parameter to participate in the giveaway. This is really a great method to increase your fan base. Everyone likes to get free things and such offers will really help you in increasing likes.

If you don't have a page and are going to create one and make it viral, I would like you to go to Google Trends and look for the popular topics which are a major hit at the moment. You can create a Facebook Page on that particular thing and go viral. This method is really useful only if you are able to understand the audience and figure out what the audience wants at the present. When you are promoting to this method, you must provide timely updates on the issue which your page is all about. You should always use pictures while sharing links. This is because, we humans are more attracted to images than just plain text. I saw this difference when I tried to share the image and text links back to back. The Image with like was 70 % more better in giving traffic than that of the one with only text.

If that is a preset Issue, you can create a YouTube video and share the link of your Fan Page on YouTube and then you have a chance of getting viral on the Internet. When you are following this method you should always remember that, the content must be new and hot in the market. Never go and buy those Facebook fake likes and comments, because Facebook has started deleting these types of pages and users. If you really want to invest some money. You can invest in Facebook ads. This will result in great increase your Fans.

To sum it up I would say that Viral Facebook Fan Page = Content + regular Update + engagement + Google Trends + Offline Promoting + Facebook Ads (optional). If you follow these steps, you too can have a Facebook Page go viral!

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