Sunday, 27 January 2013

BigRock Review 2013 : Buy a Cheap Domain Name

It was my birthday on 26th of January and I had decided to go full professional and get myself a custom domain name. But getting a custom domain name has its own set of hurdles. The major one being that of payment issues. Since I reside in India and there are lot of RBI regulations which needed to be looked upon. I didn't wanted to get into all that stuff so I decided to go for BigRock which is an Indian Domain Provider. 

The Sales Chat Team

BigRock has got a very prompt chat service. The chat team was there with me the whole time while I was registering my domain name. Since it was my first domain name I was a bit nervous, but the team helped me to register the domain name easily.

I used my VISA Debit Card to do my payment. You can get a 10% discount if you log in through Facebook or Twitter while registering. The whole payment process was buttery smooth. 

After Registering

After the payment, the domain name was registered in my name. Now I had to link my blog with the new domain name which I had purchased. BigRock had a simple picture guide exclusively for a Blogger Blog which guided me with the procedure to link my domain with my blog.

I used the domain name which you can see in your address bar.

Basically the process was simple. It was just that I had to add few Arecords and CName records and it was done! I had some questions regarding my account for which I emailed the support team and guess what, they were prompt too! They responded to my query in just 5 mins. 

It took me about half an hour for the whole process to complete. 

I actually purchased this domain from BigRock! Don't say this Review is Baseless!!

Why you need a Custom Domain?

There are lot of plus points when it comes to getting a custom domain. The very first thing is credibility. When you get a custom .com or .org domain name you give yourself a professional look. Imagine you wanted to let your friends or family know about your new blog and you had no custom domain name. This is how you would sound like " Hey ! I just made a new blog, its called /". This name is kind of hard to remember and people won't take you seriously but if you had a custom domain you would say " Hey! I just made a new blog and its called". This name is easier to remember and you sound professional too!

Secondly its good for SEO. Search engines like Google give preference to custom domains rather blogs with sub-domains  As soon as you make a blog, register a custom domain and link that to your blog. The reason why I say that is because if you link a custom domain to your blog after your blog is established and is running for quite a amount of time, you loose all your back-links and Google Page Rank and some traffic. These are the two main reasons of getting a custom domain name.


If you are looking for low cost and cheap domain name hosting services and not willing to go for foreign brands, BigRock will be the best choice for you. Every process is simple when it comes to BigRock. The registering was simple and so was the payment process.

They have various other services like hosting, website builder and lots of other stuff. The main this is that BigRock is user-friendly and that's what made me go for BigRock. 

Visit BigRock here.

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