Sunday, 23 December 2012

Zepo - Makes Online Selling Simple & Easy - Review

Hello guys! It has been a long time since I have posted anything. In this post I will be sharing an awesome website called Zepo.

Zepo is an online platform where you can open your own online store in a matter of minutes! So if you are starting a new business or you are a entrepreneur and want to start something, Zepo is the way to go.
Setting up the shop requires no advanced skills. You don’t need to know the <HTML> codes or the advanced CSS for setting or designing your online store.

There are many available pre-made templates which you can select and customize according to your niche. You could also have your own e-commerce platform like the Big-Boys like Flipkart, Jabong and many others.

Setting up an online store has lot of advantage. You can reach a larger range of customers than setting up a physical shop. For example you have a shop in your town, the range of customers which you can get is only from your town but if you set-up an online store, you can reach a larger customer base like that of the whole country.

For setting up a website and hosting it. You need to know a lot of advanced knowledge of Web Designing and lots of Codes like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and lot more in order to design an effective website. Zepo will take care of all those needs. You need not need to worry about any codes when Zepo is here.

While setting up an online store, there are many other hurdles likes the Payment Gateways and delivering the products to your customers. Zepo solves this issues for you. They have associated with Blue Dart services which help you to lower the shipping charges and thus giving you a larger profit margin. 

As in the previous paragraph I talked about the hurdles in Payment Gateways, I would like to share that in India Payment Gateway A/C is a very expensive process. But Zepo is your friend. They are giving Free PayTM PG at 3% TDR with Setup Fee and AMC waived off. As an estimate Zepo says its saves upto 25k for their users.


To end this post, I must say that if you are an Indian, Zepo is the way to go. They are the most "Indian Friendly" brand in the market. They are inexpensive and offer quite a lot of variations in their offer to select so that you aren't left with a limited choice.

I also request you to please support Indian Brands as Foreign Brands are always trying to loot Indians. They do not consider Indians in anyway. Giving you an example, Google Nexus 7 16 GB model is priced at $199 about Rs 11,000. First of all they launched Nexus 7 in India after it was launched in most part of the world and the worst part is that they priced it for Rs 19,990 or about $364. They think that Indian people are fools. They are forgetting that Indian Market is price sensitive and definitely not foolish enough to buy a 2 X overpriced product. So I strongly appeal to you support Indian Brands just like our Zepo.

Twitter: @zepo


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