Tuesday, 9 October 2012

WeChat Review -Communication Application with Screenshots

These day's smartphones have become an excellent modes of communication, thanks to apps like WeChat which have made our lives easier. Normal modes of communication includes SMS and MMS and others, but WeChat takes you to a next level of communication. In this post we will be reviewing the Android Application WeChat.

WeChat: About

WeChat is a communication application which helps you communicate using voice, text, images and videos. It works on Android, iOS and Windows platform. You can download the app for free from the PlayStore.

There are notable features which the app provides you and differentiates it from all the other apps out there in the market. Let us discuss them!

Voice Messaging

Using this feature, you can send voice messages to your friends for free. You just have push a button and then speak and then release it to send the message. This works just like a walkie talkie. I really liked the way it refreshed the memories of my old walkie talkie!


This works like a magic. You can bump together two phones to add a WeChat user to your address book. When you are hanging out with your friends, you can all shake your phones to add all the WeChat users. You can also shake your phone and add people to your list who were shaking the phone at the same time at which you were doing. Isn't it great!

Look Around

This features enables you to find people near you. You can see the WeChat users who are near you in your City. You can then add them in your friends list, chat with them and socialize. May be you might discover a childhood friend or find your soulmate with it! I am saying this because I found a childhood buddy of mine using it.

There are other amazing features like the Drift Bottle which allows you to read a message floating in a virtual sea. You can reply back and make new friends. Its just like everyday world, where you meet and interact with lots of new persons every day.

There is a Facebook integration button which helps you to connect yourself with your friends who are using Facebook

While using the chat you can use lots of Emoticons. You can even Group Chat with two three friends of yours. This features comes handy when you have to discuss some issues like projects, assignments etc with a bunch of people. Using this you don't have individually interact with all the members. You can do so in a single place.


The installation process was easy. As I'm a Android User, I downloaded the app from the PlayStore. If you are an iOS or Window use, you can download it for free from respective stores. You can register using your Facebook account or using your phone number. After installation you have to setup your profile, give yourself a nickname and set a WeChat ID. The installation process is fairly simple, just proceed with the instructions and you can do it.


This is a useful app for all. If you like communicating with people and making new friends, this app is surely for you. I give the app a 9/10 for its wonderful features, ease of use and easy installation. I recommend you this app. You can download it from the Play Store here. 

If you have any questions/queries/feedback regarding this app you can use the comment section to express yourself. 


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