Friday, 6 July 2012

Hands on Review of Philips SHS390 - Under 10 $ Headphone

After breaking or losing all my earphones I decided to buy a headphone this time. But my budget was tight. So upon searching a lot, I found out the Philips SHS390 Headphones. Though they were lot of other headphones, but this headphone stood out of the crowd for its design. Let’s get to the detailed review of Philips SHS390.Philips SHS390 is a headphone with "behind the neck" design. It's a light weight headphone, that won't bug you, if you use it for long hours. Here are some key features of this product.

Type: Supra-Aural- This fancy word only means that the headphone will just rest on your ears, not fully cover it.
Magnet Type: Neodymium- These are really strong magnets, not that black one that you all must have seen. These really enhances the sound quality.
100mW Power Output
3.5mm Headphone Jack
Cord Length: 1.2 meters- Long enough to attach your headphone to the music playing device kept in your pants.
Soft Cushions- These will provide comfort to your ears. 

Bass- 8/10

I loved the bass of the headphone. You will surely enjoy the deep bass of this headphone. If you are using a smartphone you can download Equalizer apps to optimize the bass even further.

Treble- 9/10

The treble is simply amazing. You can hear the individual instruments clearly. The voice quality output is superb. You can enjoy your favorite songs with this.

Overall- 8.5/10

The sound output is amazing and the design factor enhances the headphone even more. There are only two thing to consider. First one is that you cannot use the headphones while laying back on your head because of its "behind the head" design. Second that there is sound leakage, which means if you max the volume, the person beside you can listen what you are listening. This will not be a problem for you if you aren't listening or watching something naughty!This only proves that, the headphone has a some powerful sound.


If you want to stand out of the crowd and at the same time enjoy quality music, you can buy this headphone. For this price, you are getting a amazing product. 
If you have your own views or want to share some other headphones or your experiences, feel free to comment below.


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